DMARC, MPOE, and DMARC Extension. Huh?

When installing Internet Access services, you need to know three key terms: DMARC, MPOE, and DMARC Extension. These terms will be used by your Internet, Voice, or Network Service Provider technician to install and maintain your service. Being familiar with these terms will help you make the most of your time with the tech and make you sound like a telecom pro.


Many times when installing new Internet, voice, or network service, technicians with the Internet service provider will ask where the DMARC is. Demarcation point, DMARC for short, is the point at your business’ physical location that the vendor’s cabling (copper wire or fiber) ends and the building’s wiring begins. This typically looks like a plastic or metal box mounted to the outside of the building with conduit running to it from the ground or from a utility pole nearby. This exterior box is accessible to the vendor to do any work they need to test and verify service to the building and local wiring. The inside of this box holds a number of jacks that will have cabling plugged in and running to the inside of your building to the MPOE.¬†You typically don’t need to do anything with this other than know where it is affixed to to the building. It is usually located near where all the other electrical wiring boxes are located.


The next term you should be familiar with with is the minimum point of entry (MPOE) for your business. This is typically referred to as the “wiring closet” or the “utility room” but can also just be a space on a wall in a part of the building where utilities come into the office space. Cabling coming from the DMARC outside the building runs through the walls or conduit and comes out here in the MPOE. The telecom service provider will have or request some space on the wall of this room or area to affix their service equipment. Usually they want a backboard, a piece of plywood of a minimum size and usually 2′ x 2′ or 3′ x 3′ mounted to the wall with plenty of space available. When installing or servicing telecom services, the vendor’s technicians will be contacting you to allow them entry into the building and access to the MPOE. The technician is typically looking for you to provide this backboard, power, and ground wire in the MPOE as before they will install their service equipment.

DMARC Extension

If the interior MPOE is some distance from the exterior DMARC a DMARC extension is required. This is simply conduit and cabling that runs from the outside DMARC to the inside MPOE room, closet, or area of your office or suite. If your office is new or or if your suite has never had telecom services installed to it and it is a distance from the outside DMARC, you need to know that you are responsible for providing this cabling. Sometimes, a telecom service provider will install this wiring but this is typically not the case.


Make sure to know where your DMARC is for your office so you can direct the technician to the proper location as they come on site. Know where your MPOE is and what the spaces and equipment on the wall are dedicated to. Make sure you have your backboard, power, and ground to the backboard dedicated to your telecom vendor. If needed, know if you have or need a DMARC Extension and have this in place and tested before installing new telecom services. With this knowledge you can help make your next telecom service installation a breeze for you and the vendor.